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“This meeting should have been recorded as a podcast” was the expression that kick started the idea which now is a reality. During a morning meeting –¬† Jonathan Fairfield, Dina L√∂wenfrid and Jan Torndyb drifted off to discuss various interesting topics about Hua Hin and its fascinating residents.

A collaboration emerged between the renowned expat newspaper Hua Hin Today and the established digital marketing agency Soheartme, creating a synergy to highlight the Hua Hin community, personalities and businesses.

Welcome to Hua Hin Talks!


Our range of guests consist of interesting, inspiring and fascinating personalities in and around Hua Hin. We come across them in our daily day lives, at networking events or stumble upon them in a local establishment.

Each episode unfolds in various directions in regards to topic as we are not following a script, but more would like to have the personal and authentic approach.


We are offering three packages to showcase your business in our podcast episodes: sponsor, showcase & feature.